The In-between Stage

My hands are staying busy. I am first to admit that. With one book in the process of being published, one at the first stages, and another on the way I can’s stress enough just how crazy life has been. It’s now however, in between each stage of it all that an author has to … Continue reading The In-between Stage

Better Known

Most authors, when they are first getting started wonder what it takes to begin building a platform. Very few people jump in ready to go, not in need of any help. This is not surprising seeing as so many things go into writing a book. The writing itself is a large undertaking, however, once you … Continue reading Better Known

Next book

It took a little work, but Almost Wonderful is officially going through the publishing process. This book has been a battle, but I can officially say it’s on it’s way to book form. Though I have enjoyed working with these characters, I am looking forward to starting a new project. That said, I can’t wait … Continue reading Next book

Almost Wonderful

 I have been going through the development process. I am now working on my second historical romance, “Almost Wonderful”. It is currently going through the editing process. Once this is finished I will seek to get it developed. Please feel free to email me or visit my site and let me know what you think … Continue reading Almost Wonderful